Public Events


Starting his career performing at festivals, Joel feels at home roaming the crowds and attracting attention. There are many options when it comes to festivals, both outdoor and indoor.

The recommended show type for festivals would be having a stage show at various time slots throughout the day to maximise attendance. This show would include doing magic and mentalism that involves whole crowd. This performance style is on a slightly larger scale! 

Alternatively, having roaming entertainment for a set amount of time would also work, depending on the size of the festival or event. This includes roaming the crowds and performing close-up magic and mental miracles to those attending. No trap doors or hidden compartments when it’s this close up!

Whether it is a stage show, roaming the crowds or a mixed and close up performance, Joel is the perfect fit.

Theatre shows:

Theatre shows: Joel offers many public events and theatre shows throughout the year that you can purchase tickets to. These may be different in their themes or show types, so keep an eye out on this page for the next theatre show that you might be interested in and for ticket sales. Simply click on the show you would like to attend. 

My style of performance on stage is nothing like you will have seen before. Collect your tickets today.