Your wedding, your day

Weddings are a very special day, why not enhance your day by making it magical for both you and your guests?

No two couples are the same so why should your wedding be any different? This day isn’t about us and how impressive we are (your friends will tell you that), it's about the magic of love. To ensure that our performance best reflects your time together on your special day, Joel Anthony and his team prefer to take the time to meet with the lucky couple so that we may best understand you and tailor our service to reflect you. From personal stories about the way you met, to what makes you tick, it is important for us to get to know you, making your day a truly magical experience.

It is most common to have a magician perform during the meal either prior to or following the speeches. However, we suggest some of the commonly overlooked times, as they can also be the most effective. Such as during photographs, between the ceremony and the reception or a cleverly placed show. These can can offer a nice break in proceedings.

Roaming Entertainment
Enjoy your photos, socialising or relaxing while we give you and the guests the feeling of wonder and amazement. We will go around to all of the attendees, performing close up, sleight of hand and mentalism miracles. There will be no moment without wonder. 

Parlour show
A set show is perfect for weddings that may wish to have a break in the socialising or event proceedings to watch a specially crafted performance of magic and mentalism. Everyone will be able to share in the wonder of Joel's sleight of hand and mind reading abilities